(Too small to fail, n.d.)

Too Small to Fail

A dog is being held hostage by a knife wielding ex-housekeeper, sixteen camels are starving to death and Oliver has to raise thousands of dollars to save them.

But how can Oliver find the money when he can't even pass a simple math test?

Toad Rage

Limpy is a slightly squished cane toad on a mission. A mission to find out why humans hate cane toads, purposefully running them over with their cars, turning Limpy's family into warty placemats

Limpy is determined to make humans love cane toads, and what better way than becoming an Olympic mascot?

(Toad rage, n.d.)

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(MG book review: Toad rage by Morris Gleitzman, 2011)

 (Once, n.d.)


Nazis, hatred, starvation, hiding, brutal bashing's and death. Felix is forced to grow up far too quickly upon escaping from an orphanage in an attempt to find his parents. 

Set in war-torn Poland during the Holocaust, Once is a story about survival, faith, courage and strength.  

To hear Morris Gleitzman read this book or watch an awesome trailer, click here:


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(UK covers, 2012) 

Boy Overboard 

Jamal wants to play soccer for Australia in the next World Cup, but it's hard when you're dodging landmines in Afghanistan. 

Fleeing from Afghanistan, Jamal and his family set off on a dangerous journey of pirates, storms and assassins. But will Australia be all they imagined?

To watch a trailer for Boy Overboard, click here:


(Boy overboard, n.d.)

(Girl Underground, n.d.) 

Girl Underground

Meet Jamal again as he makes new friends with Bridget, the daughter of criminals, and Menzie, a "refugee sympathiser". 

Confronting the Prime Minister, jail breaks and escapes, they will do what it takes to help out a friend.


Who would want to change nappies when you could be a pirate

Angus is sick of being Mr. Dependable, taking care of younger brothers and sisters whilst his mum is off chasing men and his many step-fathers are too busy to take care of their own children. He needs to stop his mum from falling pregnant again, but how?

(Morris Gleitzman: Bumface, n.d.) 

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